To celebrate excellence in retailing, GAMA presents the Power Retail Awards! The Power Retail Awards offer the hobby game industry an opportunity to recognize and honor its most innovative and professional retailers.

Submissions are closed. Thank you for your nominations!


 The Awards have three categories, recognizing both overall excellence and outstanding achievement in specific areas of hobby game retail.

Outstanding Store Design

This is your chance to show off why customers say “Wow!” when they walk in the door. From your exterior signage to displays to fixtures to graphic design and layout; what about your store stands out? What do you do to give your store a unique look while informing your customers? Take pictures, shoot video, and discuss your design philosophy.

Outstanding Marketing

You have a great looking store, but what are you doing to get customers in the door? Break down your marketing plan and show how you’ve developed your web presence, advertising, promotions, sponsorship, media awareness, community outreach and support. We want to hear about the best the most innovative aspects of your business communication and message-building to your current and potential customers.

Outstanding Organized Play

How do you turn play into revenue that keeps coming back? Lay out why you feel your Organized Play program has been a success and some of the things you do that help keep it that way. Pictures and video of events will help get across the nature of your space and how you use it, and solid numbers (attendance, sales, etc.) will help back them up.

An award for Outstanding Store will also be given at the show. It will be presented to the nominee considered to be “best in show” of and represents all aspects of a successful hobby game retail business model.

Submission Guidelines

  • Previous winners are not eligible for nomination in a category they have won, but are free to be nominated in other categories.
  • For all categories the nominee must be in regular retail operation for at least one full year.
  • Anyone (retailers, customers, publishers, business partners, suppliers, etc.) may nominate a store. You may even nominate your own store!
  • Only GAMA member stores are eligible for consideration.

 What Do I Win?
The winner of each category will be announced at the GAMA Dinner on Tuesday evening of the GAMA Trade Show. 

What Do the Winners Receive

  • Product from our exhibiting distributors–$500 retail–chosen by the winner and shipped to your store
  • Outstanding Store winner receives $1,500 in product. Winner must be present to claim this prize.
  • Power Retail Award plaque to display at your store
  • Your store listed as a Power Retail Award winner on
  • Posting in the upcoming Origins and GAMA Trade Show site books
  • Listing on the GAMA Trade Show website
  • Opportunity to present to your peers at the following year’s GAMA Trade Show–Presenters are compensated one hotel night at the show

How do I submit my store?
Go to the top of the page to submit your store for the awards! You will need to submit four photos of your store with your submission ( high quality jpegs or pngs only). The photos will be used for the GAMA Retail Board evaluation process, during the Power Retail Award ceremony, and any future award promotions. 

For questions, please feel free to contact the GAMA office (614) 255-4500, or the Retail Chair at



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