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Privacy Policy Last Update: 12/16/10

This Policy became effective on: 12/17/10

The Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) is the non-profit trade organization dedicated to serving the tabletop game industry.

This Privacy Policy applies to all services and websites provided by the Game Manufacturers Association.

If you have any questions concerning this Privacy Policy or the accuracy and use of personal information, please contact us via email at ed@gama.org , or by mail:

240 North 5th Street, Suite 340
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Information GAMA collects, how it is collected, and how it is used

GAMA collects a user’s name and email address upon completion of registration for GAMA events: GAMA Trade Show and the Origins Game Fair. Information may also be collected from GAMA affiliates. This information is provided to GAMA by GAMA members. GAMA may use personal information to send the user email, to respond to questions, and complete the user’s registration; personal information may be disclosed or transferred to members of the Game Manufacturers Association.

Personal Information

Some personal information is required to complete registration for GAMA events: GAMA Trade Show and the Origins Game Fair. Your refusal to provide this information could result in an incomplete registration for the event.

Opt-Out and Information Security

Users may opt-out of receiving emails from GAMA or its affiliates. To opt-out, users may use the form on the Subscription Services page or contact media@gama.org. By opting out, the user ensures that personal information is removed from GAMA’s system and that the user will not be contacted by GAMA or its affiliates ten days after opting out. The user can choose to opt-out of information provided by GAMA or information provided by GAMA’s affiliates separately.

Policy Updates

This Privacy Policy may be updated in the future. When the Privacy Policy changes, users will be notified via email. Those who have opted out of emails from GAMA will not be notified. The most recent version of the Privacy Policy will be accessible on GAMA’s website.